Mid-Conference Field Trip

Mid-conference Field Trip (February 14)

included for all participants registered for the week

Fuego or Pacaya

An official conference field trip to Pacaya or Fuego Volcanoes (one of two options) will be held on Wednesday February 14 and will be included in the conference registration. Participants will have the option to select an excursion to Fuego or Pacaya.


Fuego and Pacaya Volcanoes shown in relation to Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City (large urban zone)


Fuego Overview:

This field trip is focused on the impacts of hazardous flows on current and historical populations in Guatemala. We will visit several sites that have been impacted by lahars and pyroclastic flows over the last five hundred years, some as recently as 2018. The trip involves four stops.


There are a number of short walks of not more than 10-15 minutes at each stop. The total trip time is about five and a half hours with plenty of rest stops. There will be a lunch stop of ~60 minutes incorporated into either the La Reunion or PDC breakout stop, depending on which bus (i.e. what time) people leave Antigua. Participants will learn about the 1541 mudslide that destroyed Ciudad Vieja and the June 3rd 2018 eruption that impacted the town of San Miguel Los Lotes. Whilst this is not a physically challenging field trip, participants should understand that they may well experience a strong emotional response when learning of these events, especially June 3rd 2018.

Pacaya Overview

This trip sees us travel to Pacaya volcano, an example of basaltic volcanism. We will visit recent and recent lava flows before heading to the summit. It is a long day, although not hugely physically challenging. You will need a good deal of water, lunch and a snack or two, and probably something to keep you going until we get back to Antigua (it may be quite late).


There is a short walk around the recent flows and a longer hike of over four hours, including about two hours, in total, up and down from the trail head to old observatory and about the same amount of time exploring and walking over the flows. The trip will introduce Pacaya and its recent eruptive activity and present something of a physical challenge. Once on the trail there will be no access to toilet facilities.

La Antigua Guatemala Transparent

Comité a cargo de excursión durante el congreso: William Chigna, Matthew Watson, Gustavo Chigna, John Lyons, Greg Waite